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Graduate Entry Medicine

MB, BCh, BAO (Hons)
School of Medicine

How to apply


Please note that you can apply to study with RCSI via the following websites:
  • Irish/EU applicants should apply through the CAO website.
  • Applicants residing in North America should apply through Atlantic Bridge website. 
  • All other Non-EU applicants may apply directly to RCSI between 1 November and 1 February (in the year of admission to the programme).

All applicants to RCSI' GEM programme are categorised as either EU or Non-EU, depending on whether or not they meet the EU applicant criteria (which includes nationality and residency criteria). If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for EU applicant status, you will be deemed a Non-EU student for fees and application purposes.

To ensure you complete the application process correctly, you will need to confirm your status as an EU applicant or a Non-EU applicant.

If you are not sure whether you are an EU or Non-EU applicant, please consult RCSI’s EU vs Non-EU policy.   

Under the Common Travel Area (CTA) between Ireland and the UK, UK citizens will continue to enjoy the same fee status that they have to date, post-Brexit. For the purposes of determining fee status, the UK should continue to be considered an EU Member State when completing the EU Nationality test.

If you have any questions, please contact the RCSI Admissions Office who can assist in verifying your status.

Please note:
The information below should be used as a guide only, regarding your EU or Non-EU applicant status. If, after working through the guide, you are still unsure of your EU or Non-EU status, you should refer to this policy for further guidance.

Alternatively, you may contact the RCSI Admissions Office who can assist in verifying your status.



Irish and EU applicants

Irish and EU GEM applicants should apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) website from 6 November to 1 February in the year of admission.

Please note:

  • Irish and EU applicants must hold a competitive GPA or a minimum of an upper second class honours from an accredited undergraduate bachelor degree (equivalent to NFQ Level 8) to be eligible to apply for GEM via the CAO.
  • The degree must be your first degree and can be in any discipline.
  • For applicants who meet this requirement, places are issued through the CAO on the basis of their GAMSAT scores.
  • There are no interviews for EU GEM students.
  • We strongly recommend you refer to the 'Guidelines for CAO applicants' document, accessible here, before completing your application.

Non-EU applicants

Non-EU students (excluding those residing in the USA/Canada) apply directly to RCSI via our website. Applications open on 1 November and close on 1 February in the year of admission to the programme.

If you reside in the USA or Canada, please apply via our educational partner in North America, Atlantic Bridge. For more details on the correct application process, please see below.

Applications for the September 2024 intake are now closed. Applications for entry in 2025 will open on 1 November 2024.

Please ensure that you read the below information carefully before starting your application.

There is an application fee of €75 payable by credit card.

Applicants must:

  • Meet the minimum academic eligibility criteria (including English language requirements) for entry to RCSI's Graduate Entry Medicine programme, as outlined in the entry requirements.
  • Apply directly to RCSI between 1 November and 1 February (in the year of admission to the programme).
  • Upload the following documentation as part of your application:
    • Certified copies of academic transcripts including English language transcripts (IELTS) if applicable
    • Competitive GAMSAT or MCAT results
    • Copy of your passport showing name, nationality and date of birth
    • A passport-style photograph
    • Confidential academic referee* contact details
    • A personal statement (guidance on preparing your statement can be found here).
    • Documents which reflect your life experience (such as work/life balance, extracurricular activities, relevant work/voluntary experience etc.)

*Academic references: Applicants are required to nominate an academic referee as part of the application process. The Admissions Office will contact the referee and request that they provide a 'confidential academic reference'. The full name, title, position and contact details of the referee are required as part of the online application (please do not begin your application without these details). It is advisable therefore to inform the referee and seek their permission to nominate them as a referee.

We strongly recommend you refer to the Non-EU (excluding the USA/Canada) application timeline before completing your application.

If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact the RCSI Admissions Office.

Non-EU (excluding the USA and Canada) application timeline PDF | 166.8 KB

All Non-EU applicants residing in the USA and Canada should apply to RCSI through our educational agent partner, Atlantic Bridge.

Applicants must:

  • Meet the minimum academic eligibility criteria for entry to RCSI's Graduate Entry Medicine programme, as outlined in entry requirements.  
  • Contact Atlantic Bridge for guidance in advance of applications opening on 1 August prior to the year of admission.
  • Complete and submit the Atlantic Bridge application within the deadline dates, as outlined in the application timeline.
  • Include the following documentation in your  Atlantic Bridge applications:
    • Two letters of recommendation or one committee letter
    • A personal statement on 'Why I would be an asset to the School of Medicine and the medical profession' (guidance on preparing your statement can be found here)
    • Official transcripts
    • One recent passport-sized photograph (colour or black and white) 
    • Any additional documentation specified by Atlantic Bridge.

A US$75 application fee is payable to Atlantic Bridge by credit card for applications made by 15 November. Applications made following this date will be subject to a late fee.

Interviews for applicants who apply through Atlantic Bridge usually take place between late January and late March. Early application is advisable as demand for interview slots is competitive. Information on preparing for an interview can be found here.

We strongly recommend you refer to the Non-EU (residing in the USA/Canada) application timeline before completing your application.

Non-EU (residing in the USA/Canada) application timeline) PDF | 174.3 KB