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Graduate Entry Medicine

MB, BCh, BAO (Hons)
School of Medicine

Why Graduate Entry Medicine at RCSI Dublin?

RCSI was the first medical school in the Republic of Ireland to introduce a Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) programme. This programme enables students from a range of undergraduate backgrounds to study medicine. Please read the entry requirements to see if you are eligible for this programme.

At RCSI, we aim to graduate truly international healthcare professionals. This is why we work to ensure that our programme equips our students to respond to the future of healthcare in an increasingly global, digital and climate-focused world.

With this in mind, RCSI’s Graduate Entry Medicine curriculum is innovative, future-focused and integrated. Our programme is centred around our students and is delivered in our state-of-the-art healthcare education facilities in Dublin. During your time with us you will be taught by RCSI academics, clinicians and researchers primarily in small groups or in an interactive manner when you are in large group settings.

As an RCSI GEM graduate, you will be career-ready. In fact, your clinical skills training starts from day one of the programme, with simulated patient sessions a weekly feature of the curriculum.

You will also have many opportunities to build your career – via undergraduate research opportunities, overseas clinical electives in prestigious institutions and a four-week sub-internship programme in final year, in which you will work as a resident-in-training in a hospital in Ireland, the US or Canada. 

Small group teaching

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Our small group teaching method enables you to get to know your lecturers and receive regular feedback in a supportive learning environment.

State-of-the-art facilities

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Practice your clinical skills in Europe’s largest and most modern clinical simulation facility before commencing full-time hospital rotations.

Licensing examination support

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Receive support and guidance from the University while taking USMLE and Canadian Board licensing examinations during your medical studies.

Elective opportunities

Undertake clinical and research electives in some of the world's leading hospitals and develop your research skills at the RCSI Summer Research School.


Learn anatomy through cadaveric dissection, in the original, and historical, RCSI Anatomy Room, where healthcare leaders have been formed for centuries.

Career readiness

Receive intensive support in choosing your ideal career and securing a residency post when you graduate from RCSI.