MB, BCh, BAO (Hons)
School of Medicine

Your future

At RCSI, we pride ourselves in producing Medicine graduates that are not only knowledgeable in the science of medicine but are also exceptionally well-trained clinicians. 

At RCSI you will be part of an advanced, supportive and effective learning environment, where early clinical exposure is prioritised, and the emphasis is on learning by doing. You will learn directly from healthcare professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring you are ready to practice on day one post-graduation.

We currently have Medicine graduates in 97 countries, contributing in a variety of specialities and working in community, hospital, industry, research and academia.

Read some of our current students and graduates stories below and discover how you too can become a future healthcare leader.

“Early patient contact has been my favourite aspect of the course, I can meet, talk to and engage with patients about their experiences with the healthcare system.”

“Several factors play a role in the making of a future healthcare professional's personality and attitude and I believe RCSI has played a key role in mine, not just academically.”

“At 29, I’m younger than most of my colleagues but RCSI sowed the seed for my belief that I could take on a role like this – the College fostered any aptitude for leadership, ensuring it could be expressed.”