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MB, BCh, BAO (Hons)
School of Medicine

Why Medicine at RCSI Dublin?

RCSI is one of the world's leading health sciences universities. Our medical graduates are highly sought-after doctors, practicing in health facilities across more than 94 countries. We offer a five- and six-year Undergraduate Medicine programme at our Dublin city centre campus. Please read the entry requirements to see which programme you are eligible for.

During your early years studying Medicine at RCSI, you will obtain a solid grounding in the biomedical sciences. You will learn about the body structure and functions in its normal state and study anatomy with expert surgeons and healthcare professionals through regional cadaveric dissection.

The intermediate years of the programme will focus on learning about abnormal bodily functions. You will attend a wide array of clinical skills workshops, small group tutorials and case-based teaching sessions. A lot of your time will be spent in a hospital setting attached to clinical teams. The final years of the programme are spent fully immersed in various clinical specialties on a rotational basis.

RCSI is committed to producing clinically skilled doctors with the most relevant and robust experience required to work in today's health systems. During your time at RCSI, you will develop your clinical, communication and professional skills in a safe, simulated environment.

You will train in Europe's largest and most modern clinical simulation facility and in Ireland's leading hospitals. We will also provide you with many opportunities to build your career outside of the classroom through research and clinical electives as well as sub-internships.

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Early patient contact

Learn clinical skills, such as how to take a complete patient history and analyse symptoms, from your first week in the programme.

State-of-the-art facilities

Practice your clinical skills in Europe's largest and most modern clinical simulation facility before commencing full-time hospital rotations.


Learn anatomy through cadaveric dissection, in the original, and historical, RCSI Anatomy Room, where healthcare leaders have been formed for centuries.

Elective opportunities

Undertake clinical and research electives in some of the world's leading hospitals and develop your research skills at the RCSI Summer Research School.

Multidisciplinary environment

Study alongside your future colleagues in Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, ensuring the multidisciplinary nature of patient care is reflected in your education at RCSI.

Career readiness

Receive intensive support in choosing your ideal career and securing a residency post when you finish your medical degree.