Alumni awards

RCSI Bahrain Intern Award

RCSI Bahrain launched the Intern Award in 2015. The award is presented to one intern who has demonstrated enthusiasm, excellence in communication and collaboration; a commitment to teaching and learning, and consistently demonstrates the attributes of an exceptional doctor. In addition, the award recognizes interns who have demonstrated commitment to professional development and research.

NUI DR HH Stewart Medical Scholarship Prize

This prize was which was introduced in 2014. The following link provides all the information and a pic of one of our graduates receiving the award in 2014.

Harold Browne Medal

Harold Browne Medal is named after a graduate of University College Dublin (UCD) in 1940, Dr Harold Browne was a former President of the Irish Medical Council, and spent more than 60 years teaching at RCSI before his death in January of last year. Abdel Rahman Raed Mustafa Halawa became the first RCSI Bahrain representative to win a prize from RCSI in Dublin, after participating in and winning the Anatomy Quiz.