Objective medication adherence calculator – a tool to aid patient adherence and optimise drug dosagePrescriptions

Assessing adherence to medication is an essential element in the ongoing treatment of patients with chronic disease as well as in the development and trialling of new drugs. RCSI has developed a novel data-driven decision support tool for clinicians to improve patient adherence and dosage calculations in chronic conditions such as COPD and asthma.

An accurate and objective tool to assess patient medication adherence and optimal drug dosage tech summary PDF | 295.5 KB

Brain scan ALSProtein biomarkers for the prediction of psychosis

Psychotic disorders are a significant public health problem. Researchers in RCSI have identified a unique plasma proteomic signature in patients in a clinical high-risk group. This has resulted in the development of a blood-based biomarker test which can be used alone or in conjunction with clinical data and has shown excellent performance for predicting transition to first episode psychosis. This test has the potential to contribute to personalised prognosis and stratification strategies in individuals at risk of psychosis.

Protein biomarkers for the prediction of psychosis tech summary PDF | 317 KB

Cancel graphicNovel epigenetic biomarkers and targets for metastatic colorectal cancer

Researchers at RCSI have developed a novel biomarker panel to identify patients with colorectal cancer who are at high risk of developing metastatic disease. The team are seeking industry partners to co-develop this predictive test and also to leverage the extensive epigenetic dataset to identify new drug targets in mCRC. Biomarker-led early intervention with directed therapies may help to improve outcomes for this high-risk group.

Novel epigenetic biomarkers and targets for metastatic colorectal cancer tech summary PDF | 487.8 KB