Almac Discovery



Targeting tumour cells that are resistant to cancer treatment

Engagement type

Company fully-funded project


Almac Discovery is a research driven oncology business unit within the Almac Group dedicated to the discovery and development of novel, innovative approaches to the treatment of cancer.


Cancer stem cells have been shown to be particularly resistant to current treatments and often survive in the tumour niche after surgery and/or chemotherapy. These cells then develop, expand and give rise to a population of tumour cells that can eventually lead to recurrent disease. Almac Discovery is currently focused on discovering new and novel drugs to be used both as single agents, and in combination with new and existing therapies, to treat patients with life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

RCSI value-added

Expertise in the development of novel approaches for sensitising cancer stem cells to therapy including the identification and functional characterisation of genes that alter tumour response to anti-cancer agents. In depth knowledge of FKBPL, a protein which occurs naturally in the body and has a unique ability to target therapy resistant cancer stem cells and transform them into more ‘normal’ therapy sensitive tumour cells.

“ALM201 continues to surprise us as we uncover the complexities of its effects. The interaction of ALM201 with cancer stem cells, if proven with this research, opens up potential further treatment options for cancer patients that can be explored in the clinic.”

Stephen Barr, President and Managing Director, Almac Discovery