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Inthelia is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company with an aim to develop personalised therapeutic approaches for the treatment of sepsis.

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RCSI spin-out company


Inthelia Therapeutics is an RCSI spin-out company. Founded by Prof. Steve Kerrigan, RCSI Professor of Pharmacology, and CEO Dr Ivan Coulter, Inthelia is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company. It aims to develop personalised therapeutic approaches to treat patients diagnosed with sepsis.


Sepsis is caused by the body’s reaction to pathogen (bacterial, fungal, viral) infection and is the leading cause of death worldwide causing >15 million deaths globally per annum. Current treatments for sepsis do not act early in disease progression, only treating symptoms resulting in often poor response.

RCSI value-added

RCSI researcher and Inthelia co-founder Prof. Steve Kerrigan discovered the underlying mechanism of pathogen engagement with the host and the initial trigger for sepsis in patients. RCSI has patented the use of a class of drug to prevent this interaction as a treatment for sepsis.

“We are very excited at the prospects for Inthelia Therapeutics in treating sepsis. The RCSI Innovation team has encapsulated and protected the underlying concept with great skill and been very professional and pragmatic in its support of spinning Inthelia out.”

Dr Ivan Coulter, CEO, Inthelia Therapeutics