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Regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves

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SFI Research Centre fully-funded research project


Integra Lifesciences is a global leader in medical technology, offering innovative solutions including regenerative technologies, speciality surgical solutions, orthopaedics and tissue repair technologies.


Peripheral nerve injury is a major clinical problem known to affect more than five million people worldwide every year. It is estimated that 5% of multiple trauma patients have peripheral nerve injuries. Prompt surgical intervention is needed. If the injury size is larger than 5mm, the primary treatment option available in most cases is by autograft. This involves removal of nerve tissue from another part of the patient’s body and transplantation to the site of injury. Unfortunately, autografts are hampered by a number of issues including the limited availability of donor tissue and poor functional recovery for patients.

RCSI value-added

World-class biomaterials research expertise in restoring the structural and functional properties of damaged or degenerated tissue based in RCSI’s Tissue Engineering Research Group (TERG).

“RCSI’s researchers at the SFI research centre AMBER have been an essential player in our peripheral nerve product development strategy for a number of years. The new product lines developed are a quantum leap in performance. We have benefitted from the academic team’s experience and ability to ‘test drive’ new approaches outside our normal R&D structure. Site visits by the academic team to our US facilities have been invaluable.”

DR SIMON ARCHIBALD, Vice President and Chief Scientist, Integra LifeSciences