Mater Private Network

Mater Private Network is one of the top private hospital networks in Ireland in which to receive care, deliver care and work. Established in 1986, the network now extends to two acute hospitals, a radiation oncology centre, two day-hospitals and three outpatient clinics located throughout the country. The Mater's consultants and wider team deliver the full range of healthcare specialties to some 300,000 patients annually including cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic and spine, emergency and out-patient services.

As part of the team in Dublin, the Mater offers the opportunity to learn alongside world-class consultants and experts who challenge themselves to offer exceptional solutions in treatment, surgery and care to patients. Being part of the Mater campus facilitates mutual collaboration, access to specialty expertise and sharing of resources. The Mater continuously invests and participates in research nationally and internationally, driven to deliver better healthcare outcomes for patients. 

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