Health insurance

All Non-EU/EEA students are required to have private medical insurance to obtain their Irish Residence Permit. Newly arrived first year students have two options to fulfil the health insurance requirement: Purchase private medical insurance – which must be purchased in Ireland, or travel insurance which must cover the student for:

  • The entirety of their stay up to a maximum of one (1) year
  • A minimum of €25,000 for Accident and €25,000 for Disease; and
  • Any period of hospitalisation.

Please note that:
Travel insurance can only be used for newly arrived first year students and medical insurance, purchased in Ireland, must be used for all subsequent years. Insurance policies purchased in your home country will not be accepted by the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Services (INIS).

Find further information on the private medical insurance requirements for non-EU/EEA students.

More information is also available at

Information on private health insurers operating in Ireland

The main health insurance providers in Ireland are:

Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI)

  • Tel: +353 56 444 4444
  • Website:

Laya Healthcare

Irish Life Health

Study & Protect

Do you have a pre-existing illness?

 We strongly recommend that before purchasing a policy with any provider, you ensure that the pre-existing condition is covered. Policy cover can vary significantly depending on the provider. Be clear on what is covered from the outset to avoid any surprises down the road.