Health insurance

All non-EEA* students are required to have private medical health insurance purchased in Ireland.

Private medical health insurance is not organised by or through RCSI. It is each student’s responsibility to obtain their own private medical health insurance.

To obtain insurance for private healthcare, students must subscribe to a private health insurance company. A reduced annual premium may be obtained by joining a student scheme.

VHi Healthcare, Irish Life Health and Laya Healthcare are some of the major providers of private health insurance in Ireland.

O'Driscoll O'Neil Insurance operates MediCover for overseas students and offers the most competitive rates for RCSI students.

While MediCover is sufficient for immigration purposes, it does not cover pre-existing illnesses, nor does it cover newly diagnosed illnesses. Therefore, if you decide to use this policy, it is essential that you also take out a more comprehensive package with another provider.

*EEA - European Economic Area comprising of European Union (EU) member states, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.