Due to its size, Dublin is easily accessible on foot, but if you do require public transport we recommend that you purchase a Leap Card as soon as you arrive in Dublin.

Leap Card is a convenient way to pay for public transport services – including Luas, bus and train services – in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, and Wexford.

It will save you having to carry cash and is usually 20% cheaper than a single cash fare ticket. Leap Card users in the Dublin area also benefit from smart discount features such as capping and the Leap 90 Discount.

Student Leap Cards are also available, which offer additional discounts and benefits to users. Application forms for these and other discount cards are available from Student Services.

Student car parking

If you would like to drive to College and require parking, a discounted parking rate is available for RCSI students in Q-Park St Stephen's Green.

The student rate is:

  • 7am - 6pm: €2.50 per hour (max €8 during these hours)
  • 4pm - 12pm: €3.50 flat rate (max of €15 in 24 hours)

To avail of this discounted rate you must:

  • Acquire a form from Student Services or the Q-Park St Stephen's Green reception.
  • Fill out and return the form to the Q-Park reception. You will also be required to produce a valid RCSI student card.
  • You will receive a prepaid top-up card, which you will then have to top-up with a minimum of €10.

Once active you can use the top-up card when entering and exiting the car park in place of a ticket.

A number of prepaid parking passes for Q-Park St Stephen's Green are also provided to the Students’ Union for allocation to the student body. Application forms for these are released in early September via email.

Once completed and returned, the allocation process will begin based on the requirements of the application. These include but are not exclusive/limited to: Being a class representative; Students' Union/Sports Union Officer; club or society activity; medical issues.