Undergraduate Students’ Union

The Students' Union (SU) is an annually elected body, consisting of eight officers.

The SU represents all students on a variety of both academic and non-academic committees and is considered the University's bridge between faculty/administration and the student body.

The SU is invited to most meetings and ensures that student voices are heard on a variety of topics. The Union also works closely with the Student Council, which consists of representatives from all classes at RCSI.

One of the primary duties of the SU is to represent students academically. The Union officers will listen to any problems or concerns that individuals or groups may have, including exam worries, results, use of computers and curriculum changes.

In conjunction with the Student Services Office and the Sports Union, the SU also assist in organising a variety of social events at RCSI throughout the academic year. These include: Freshers' Week, RAG (Raise and Give) week, International Night and the SU College Ball.

RCSI SU logo

Undergraduate Students’ Union 2022/23

The elected officers of the Students' Union 2023/24 are:

Student Union President
Connor Lenihan
Email: su.pres@rcsi.ie

Student Union Vice-President/ Events Officer
Meeryn Kahlon
Email: su.vicepres@rcsi.ie

Student Union Events Officer 
Megan Cronin
Email: su.events@rcsi.ie

Student Union Education Officer
Farah Elnakoury
Email: su.education@rcsi.ie

Student Union Societies Officer
Sid Chard
Email: su.societies@rcsi.ie

Student Union Cultural Officer
Mina Habaka 
Email: su.culture@rcsi.ie

Student Union Welfare Officer
Jonathan Flynn
Email: su.welfare@rcsi.ie

Student Union IT/Communications Officer 
Timeyin Boyo 
Email: su.itofficer@rcsi.ie

ICOS is an independent organisation advocating for the rights of all international students in Ireland, whether studying in higher education, further education, in a language school or other setting. Find out more on the ICOS website.