Finance FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common questions you may have about fees and student finance.

All Undergraduate students registering with RCSI in their first year must pay a minimum of 50% of fees before registration, with the balance due by 31 January. 

The total amount due will be listed on your RCSI offer letter.

In subsequent years, 50% of fees are due before the start of the first semester, with the balance due by 31 January.

If you are having difficulty making fee payments, you should contact the Fees Office as early as possible to see if an agreement can be made.

Non-payment of fees can lead to a loss of Moodle (virtual learning environment) access, your student card being disabled, which grants access to RCSI campus buildings, and a loss of other student access.

If you continue to not engage with the Fees Office, this may lead to you being discontinued.

Full fees are payable for repeat years. Students on the Free Fees Initiative have to fund their own tuition for repeat years, in compliance with HEA requirements.

If your fees are funded by the HEA, you can receive a full refund, if you withdraw from an Undergraduate programme up to six weeks from the course start date. This is done to facilitate students who receive a higher preference course choice through the CAO offer process.

All other Undergraduate and Graduate Entry students, paying EU fees or non-EU fees, are not eligible for refunds. In the event of extenuating circumstances, you must contact the Fees Office to request a review of your case and a decision regarding your refund request.

If you have been approved for a SUSI grant, you should notify the Fees Office prior to registration. Assuming you are entitled to the ‘Free Fees’ under the Irish Exchequer Free Fees Initiative, SUSI will either cover the full student contribution charge, or a portion thereof, depending on the level of grant approved.

You will, however, still be liable for the IT fee, NUI fee and health screening charges.

More details on SUSI grants and eligibility can be found on the SUSI website.

If you have applied but are still awaiting SUSI approval on registration day, you should send a copy of your SUSI grant confirmation letter to the Fees Office prior to registration day.

Should the grant application subsequently be declined, you will be liable for payment of the student contribution in full (assuming you are entitled to ‘free fees’ and have already paid the IT fee, NUI fee and health screening charge). 

More details on SUSI grants and eligibility can be found on the SUSI website.

If you are an existing enrolled UK student, you will retain an EU fee status and/or entitlement to 'free fees' funding if you are assessed with this status for the duration of your current degree programme.

If you are an applicant to RCSI, please note the below:

  • Under the Common Travel Area (CTA) between Ireland and the UK, UK citizens will continue to enjoy the same fee status that they have to date, post-Brexit. For the purposes of determining fee status, the UK should continue to be considered an EU Member State when completing the EU Nationality test prior to application.