SUSI grant

In 2012, the Irish Government, through the Higher Education Authority (HEA), put in place a grant scheme for Irish students who would not otherwise be able to attend third level education.

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) – which replaced the Higher Education Grants Scheme, operated by local authorities – is a means-tested programme to assist in the payment of the compulsory student contribution fee.

Application process

If you wish to apply for a SUSI grant, you must first ensure you meet the eligibility criteria by completing the eligibility reckoner on the SUSI website.

Applications for the grant are also made online via the SUSI website. Students applying for the grant will receive a13-digit alphanumeric application number which they can use on the website.

If you have been offered a place on an RCSI programme through the CAO, and are deemed eligible for a SUSI grant, you are required to provide a copy of the SUSI application letter along with the 13-digit number to the RCSI Fees Office, when you accept the offer.

If you have applied for SUSI but have not yet been fully approved before registration, you should still send a copy of your application letter and your number to the RCSI Fees Office.

Should your SUSI grant application be declined, you will be liable for payment of the student contribution fee in full.