BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)
School of Physiotherapy

Your future

As an RCSI Physiotherapy graduate, your skills will be in high demand.

Whether you choose to stay in Ireland or work overseas, your highly portable degree will open doors for you and assist in securing sought-after positions in Ireland, as well as in the health services in the UK, Singapore, the USA, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Australia and New Zealand.

We have 389 RCSI Physiotherapy graduates in 12 countries, working across all fields, from musculoskeletal to neurological, cardiovascular to respiratory care, sports, paediatrics and elderly care.

Our first cohort graduated in 2002, and 300+ graduates on, we have witnessed their successful endeavours in setting up their practices, leading research breakthroughs and implementing healthcare system improvements.

Read some of our current students and graduates stories below and discover how you too can become a future healthcare leader.

"From day one you are taught in an interprofessional manner, collaborating with both Pharmacy and Medicine students on assignments and workshops."

"My time at RCSI has been incredibly rewarding. RCSI provides its students with a tight-knit community of students from all walks of life, and encourages an inclusive multidisciplinary collaborative environment."

“The Faculty are highly skilled and educated and provided us with a strong support network both educationally and personally.”