BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)
School of Physiotherapy

Why Physiotherapy at RCSI Dublin?

A key member of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, a physiotherapist works with patients whose movements may be reduced or undermined by ageing, disease, environmental factors, or sporting injuries. This is done through training, education and rehabilitation in a variety of clinical settings.

RCSI's BSc in Physiotherapy is a four-year degree programme for School Leavers (three years for Graduate Entry).

At RCSI, you are taught to a high level of practice, particularly in the final three years, to ensure that you are fully qualified to work in any clinical setting after graduation. In First Physiotherapy, most of your clinical training takes place on campus, where you will get a solid foundation in basic physiotherapy skills in preparation for six sets of five-week clinical placements in Second and Third Physiotherapy. RCSI offers a wide range of high-quality clinical placements in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in Dublin and different locations in Ireland, including Cork, Waterford, Galway and Tralee.

As there is no requirement to complete clinical placements during the summer months, you will have the opportunity to participate in the RCSI Research Summer School, international research electives at partner universities in China and Japan or volunteer work with the Christina Noble Foundation in Vietnam.

As an RCSI Physiotherapy graduate, you will be career ready and in high-demand with a highly portable degree. Many of our graduates have found employment in hospitals after completion of their clinical placements or secured positions in various overseas locations, including Hong Kong and Australia.

Why study Physiotherapy at RCSI?

Clinical placements

Opportunities to participate in a wide range of clinical placements in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in Dublin and in different locations in Ireland.

Learning experience

Learn from experienced educators and practitioners in a class that includes School Leavers and Graduates from diverse backgrounds.

Small class sizes

Our small class sizes provide you with access to hands-on, one-to-one practical and clinical training with academic staff.

Research opportunities

Many opportunities to test your research skills by participating in international electives in Asia and the RCSI Research Summer School.

Multidisciplinary environment

Study alongside your future colleagues in Medicine and Pharmacy, ensuring the multidisciplinary nature of patient care is reflected in your education at RCSI.

Peripheral accommodation

Accommodation for placements outside of Dublin will be arranged and funded by the College. RCSI is the only college in the Republic of Ireland to offer this benefit.