The opening of the RCSI Bahrain campus and the neighbouring King Hamad University Hospital has brought about something of a transformation to the area of Busaiteen, where the ever-expanding array of apartment blocks offers a whole host of accommodation options for our students.

The apartment block is exclusively for RCSI Bahrain students. All apartments have two bedrooms and so will be for two people sharing. The block is within a very short walking distance of the main gates of the RCSI campus (approx. three minutes) and allows easy access to the university. RCSI Bahrain will match students with room-mates as best we can, we can only allow sharing between students of the same gender.

  • The total cost of each apartment will be BD550 per month, which is in line with local market rates for apartments in its area.
  • The apartment will feature one bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and one bedroom with its own separate bathroom, however it is not ensuite.
  • The split of the cost for each room will be BD295 ensuite room/BD255 standard room (separate bathroom).
  • In addition to the bedrooms, the apartments also feature a shared large open-plan kitchen/dining-room/living-room area.
  • All apartments will be fully-furnished, including washing machine fridge/freezer, oven and hob, microwave, television.
  • Rental fees will be inclusive of wifi, electricity and water charges, 24-hour security and weekly house-keepingRental periods are for 10 months, from September until June.Rent is payable annually in advance with a further one month refundable security deposit which will be refunded at the end of the tenancy, assuming there is no damage to the apartment.
  • Rooms can only be guaranteed by the payment of the full year’s rent as per above.
  • If your offer is conditional and unfortunately you do not meet your required grades to attend RCSI Bahrain your rent will be reimbursed less an administration charge of 200 BHD.
  • The Halls of Residence apartments are available for students during their first year in Bahrain, at the beginning of each Academic Year the apartments will be handed over to a new batch of students.

To book accommodation in the HOR, please apply through The HOR Registration link.

You will receive an automatic email confirmation once you have submitted your online application. The Student Services team will then review your application and send you an invoice accordingly. In order to confirm your booking, you need to finalise the payment.

Please note that a limited number of spaces are available requests will be tended to on a first come first serve basis.

For more information about what to do upon arrival, download this booklet.

Please contact for more details.

We are also lucky that we have a wide range of apartment blocks perfectly suited to students and student life within walking distance of the main gates of the campus, understandably, this is where we would encourage students to stay.

A basic list of some of the apartment blocks in the nearby area is available below for your information. Of course, there are plenty of other residential areas that might also be suitable, depending on your budget and transport situation.

We know it’s not easy to arrange accommodation when you’re not in the country but there is certainly no shortage of space so don’t worry While many students have successfully arranged accommodation from abroad, many others wait until they arrive to do so, so that will be up to you.

Download accommodation list



The properties listed, including the owners/advertisers of same, are not inspected or vetted by RCSI Bahrain. The accommodation list is aimed at putting students in contact with individuals/bodies offering accommodation. As the University does not inspect/vet these properties or their owners/advertisers, and in the absence of any legal or binding agreement between said owners/advertisers and RCSI Bahrain, the University cannot be held liable for any accommodation, contacts, contracts, introductions and/or arrangements arising from the use of this list.

Accommodation Sharing

Obviously, it would be more cost-effective to share accommodation with fellow students so here is a link to the room-mate registration form if you think that is something you would be interested in doing. Please note that except for the Halls of Residence, the University will not match students together but invites them to contact one another.

Please download our Roommate guide for guidelines on sharing accommodation.