Bahrain does have an improving bus service, connecting various parts of the Kingdom, but a better option of getting around Bahrain is through taxis or private transport.

Taxis can be easily hailed along the streets in Bahrain and are a comfortable way to get around. Official taxis are recognized by their orange and white or orange and gold colour. There are also the Arabian Taxi’s “London Cabs” that have their distinct checkered roofs. You can catch taxi from taxi ranks located outside shopping malls or major hotels. Airport taxis can be availed in front of airports too. Taxis are available at all times from the terminal at the ground floor, an additional charge of BD1.00 is charged.

The use of meters is mandatory in Bahrain. All taxis in Bahrain are required to have a meter and specific rates. If the driver refuses to switch on the meter, or if the taxi meter is covered or broken or not turned on, simply get out of the cab and hail another one.

Some of the widely used metered taxi companies are:

  • Speedy Motors (Tel: +973 17682999)
  • Bahrain Limo: (Tel:+973 17266266)
  • Bahrain Taxi Online: (Tel: +973 36688614) –
  • Arabian Taxi: (Tel: +973 17461746)

These companies all run metered taxis – the day is divided into two periods, one from 6:00 AM to 22:00 PM and one for the rest of the 24 hour period. The meter starts at 1.500 BD during the first period and is then 250 fils/km, and the prices are more expensive for the second period. There are also additional charges for different things such as waiting (50 fils/min) or extra passengers (500 fils/passenger), and on public holidays and weekends.

These companies are very safe but can be a bit pricy because they are metered, so private taxis can also be used. The best way to find a safe reliable driver is through an older friend or your ‘Buddy’ who has been in Bahrain for a while and can give you the number for a private taxi. However, private taxis are not available at all times of day.

You can also download Uber or Careem Apps, both are starting to be widely used in Bahrain.

Car Rental:

Some students may also opt to rent their own cars in-lieu of buying one or using taxis. Please be aware that many car rental agencies do not rent cars to those under 25 years of age and there are very hefty insurance fines so discuss the option with your parents first, and please read the small print on car rental contracts. Ask staff members and older students for advice on renting a car, don’t take risks!


Students who hold a driving license and are planning on driving in Bahrain should make sure they have a valid drivers’ license in Bahrain and follow the regulations set by the Bahrain Traffic Directorate.

For further details on issuing a Bahraini driver’s license, visit the student services office.