What to pack

It's important to keep in mind the weather when packing your clothes. Bahrain has two main seasons: a cooler season that lasts from December to February, and a hot season stretching from April to October. During the summer months, afternoon temperatures average around 37-40°C. In winter, temperatures range between 10°C and 20°C.

Although there is no particular dress code followed throughout Bahrain, the general rule is to dress modestly in public. This usually means sensible length skirts and shoulders covered when in public areas for females. Men should wear clothes that cover their knees when in public. Very tight or transparent clothing are considered inappropriate for both genders.

Clothes we recommend you make room for in your suitcase include:

  • Professional attire for exams and hospital rotations
  • Occasion clothes for the many College balls and events throughout the year.

Some students bring homeware items – such as bed linen and towels – but remember these can be heavy and you can buy all of these when you arrive in Bahrain.