The crime rate in Bahrain is low and violent crime is rare. However, like any other place in the world you need to follow general Health and Safety guidelines:

  • Always follow the safety advice you receive from your embassy.
  • Always follow local authority and police instructions or announcements for travelling around the island.
  • Go exploring in groups rather than alone. If you do go out alone, advise a friend of your whereabouts and what time you are expected back.
  • Do not keep large amounts of money or valuables at home.
  • NEVER drink and drive – Bahrain has ZERO tolerance to alcohol and drugs of any kind and penalties are very severe.
  • According to Bahraini law, you must always keep a form of photo Id on you at all times.
  • If you are worried about your personal safety or that of a friend, you should immediately inform University Security or relevant staff members.