Access and disability

Disability: Prospective students

RCSI Bahrain is committed to building an inclusive learning environment and endeavours to meet the needs of students with disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, as far as reasonably possible, to enable full access and participation in a programme of study.

Before making a decision on your where and what to study, we advise you to do plenty of research to find out if the programme you are interested in - as well future career possibilities - is a suitable match for you in terms of your academic, physical and social abilities, aptitudes and values.

In terms of truly understanding the demands of a career, one of the best ways of doing this is to experience the working environment for yourself, whether through volunteerism or formal work experience.

RCSI Bahrain also runs a number of events each year specifically designed to provide insights into and experience of the working lives of healthcare professionals. For further information on these events or to discuss our programmes, curricula and their demands, please contact or +973 16660100.

A candidate with a disability or ongoing illness is no different in this regard but may also need to carefully consider if any additional support measures are required to successfully complete the programme.

To ensure that cases are considered under RCSI Bahrain's Reasonable Accommodation policy (see below) and to determine whether we can provide the relevant supports, candidates are required to disclose any disability on their application form from the outset.

An up-to-date medical report including recommendations of any supports that may be required to participate in the programme will also need to be submitted.

If the University is not in a position to provide the relevant supports, this will be advised and discussed at the earliest possible time.

Guide to the RCSI Bahrain disability support service

RCSI Bahrain's Occupational Health Officer is available to discuss any matters around disability - whether for new-joining or current students - and can be contacted between 8am and 4pm from Sunday to Thursday on +973 16660075 or

The aim of this service is to provide disability-related support(s) that will enable a student with a disability to participate equitably in all aspects of university life at RCSI Bahrain. Whether you need information, advice or practical assistance, the Occupational Health Officer is your first point of contact. All information you disclose will be treated in confidence.

Before we can arrange any support for you, you must make contact and register with the service as soon as possible at the beginning of semester. Registration involves completing some forms and providing proof of your relevant condition, such as a recent medical report.

We may also request your treating physician to complete forms for us in order to provide you with appropriate support where possible under our Reasonable Accommodation policy (see below). You may also be asked to sign a consent form so that the Occupational Health Officer can disclose to relevant university staff information on your case and your disability-related need. Information will only be disclosed to the extent necessary for university staff in relevant departments to be able to meet your needs, for example during examinations.

Staff members are required to maintain your confidentiality. If you have any concerns about confidentiality please contact the Occupational Health Officer for further clarification.

Reasonable accommodation

RCSI Bahrain is committed to building an inclusive learning environment. RCSI Bahrain is further committed to the provision of 'Reasonable Accommodation' as a response to meet individual student needs and, as far as possible, to facilitate full access and participation for all students with a disability.

We use the term 'Reasonable Accommodation' (RA) as an umbrella term for any disability-related supports that you may need in order for you to access and participate equitably with other students in your programme of study and during examinations. Our Reasonable Accommodation policy and procedure is central to helping you get the support you need, whether your disability is permanent or temporary. Although we endeavour to accommodate where reasonably possible the needs of students with disabilities, there may be times when it is not possible to accommodate specific needs; for example, where the provision of a particular support is beyond the resources of RCSI Bahrain. However, RCSI Bahrain will always explore all avenues available to provide a satisfactory response to a student requesting Reasonable Accommodation.

Students have a responsibility to disclose any disabilities, impediments or disorders upon admission to the University. Such disclosures will be treated confidentially and do not necessarily imply the need for Reasonable Accommodation.

Reasonable accommodation for examinations

RCSI Bahrain is committed to providing a fair and equitable system of assessment and examination that will enable students to maximise their potential in terms of demonstrating their learning. Students who believe they may require support for examinations must make a request for Reasonable Accommodation as soon as possible as the University may not be able to put in place appropriate supports at late notice.

If you have any questions on our disability service, Reasonable Accommodation policy or procedures, please contact the Occupational Officer on email or call +973 16660075.