Higher Education Council requirements

As RCSI Bahrain is accredited by the Bahrain Higher Education Council (HEC), all students must be in compliance with the HEC regulations. The HEC requires that all students commencing studies in Bahrain must have their High School Transcripts and Certificates authenticated, through the designated processes in the country where they did their schooling, as well as by the relevant agencies in Bahrain.

Students with prior university qualifications are also required to obtain authentication of their high school documents as well as their university documents. If they wish to transfer from another university, not having completed a qualification there, we require original transcripts and a letter confirming withdrawal from that university.

Please follow the below guidelines on obtaining certification of your High School transcripts and Certificates

IGCSE and A Levels PDF | 685.8 KB International Baccalaureate - IB PDF | 703 KB CBSE PDF | 610.3 KB High School AP - Tawjihiya PDF | 607.5 KB Lebanese Secondary School PDF | 608.1 KB Bachelors Degree PDF | 640 KB French Baccalaureate PDF | 600.1 KB Apostille PDF | 655.1 KB Jordanian Residents PDF | 697 KB Indian Residents PDF | 651.1 KB Pakistani Residents PDF | 138 KB

Once we have received these authenticated documents, we will submit the files to the HEC, which will in turn review and confirm registration at RCSI Bahrain. All students are required to follow this process and without this confirmation from the HEC, applicants will not be fully registered at RCSI Bahrain.

Although we request that all authentic original documents are submitted before starting at the University, we understand that this process can take some time to complete or applicants might not have received their original certificates from the awarding body by the time the programme starts and so alternative submission dates can be arranged in these circumstances.

Please note though, that all students entering any of RCSI Bahrain's programmes will need to provide the original stamped certificates from High School. For more information please contact the Admissions Department by email at medicinebahrain@rcsi-mub.com or nursingbahrain@rcsi-mub.com.