Academic performance

Academic challenges are intrinsic to any learning journey – addressing these challenges effectively is an essential aspect of becoming a self-regulated lifelong learner. Developing successful learning skills is crucial to future success as a health care professional. 

We encourage you to manage your sustained academic progress, growth and success by helping you to clarify key academic challenges early and improve your individual learning strengths and study strategies. 

Through one-to-one training, participation in small and large group skills workshops and the deployment of extensive learning resources, our study skills team will help you to accomplish key objectives, such as: 

  • Transitioning successfully to third level and, later, into clinical practice. 
  • Implementing self-directed learning strategies. 
  • Expanding digital skills to maximise learning opportunities. 
  • Engaging within peer-to-peer academic and clinical tutoring programmes. 
  • Enhancing leadership, professional development and mentoring skills through student-learning communities. 

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If you are a registered student of RCSI and need to contact our team, you can make an appointment or email us directly .