Student welfare and well-being

The demands of the healthcare training and work environment are as intense as they are ultimately rewarding. RCSI is committed to encouraging and assisting students to maintain optimum physical and psychological health as a positive platform for academic and professional achievement.

When required, our social worker-led student welfare service provides direct, confidential and practical help, guidance, specialist service referrals and interventions designed to encourage student well-being and promote effective functioning and performance.

The team also proactively collaborates with students to foster positive behaviours and develop personal strategies that encourage self-management and the nurturing of well-being into the future.

Responding to you

Our objective is to provide a high-quality, responsive and effective well-being resource to all students for the duration of their RCSI experience.

Partnering with you

We work in partnership with you to assist in achieving your full, independent potential. We encourage your growth and resilience in times of difficulty and promote your well-being throughout your time at RCSI.

Working for your well-being

Our approachable, flexible, confidential and effective team aims to provide:

  • Promotion and facilitation of autonomy and resilience within the student body.
  • Advocacy on behalf of student well-being.
  • Development of collaborative working networks both internally, within RCSI, and externally.
  • Guidance of students to relevant services delivered by qualified specialist professionals.
  • Provision of considered, individualised personal progression and care plans to students alongside programmatic initiatives that enhance student development and personal capability.
  • Inspiration to develop enhanced problem-solving skills and independent coping.
  • Empowerment of the student through effective and appropriate resourcing.
  • Support and advice in relation to RCSI academic regulations and procedures. 

Contact us

If you are a registered student of RCSI and need to contact our team, you can make an appointment or email us directly .