Lean Healthcare – Yellow Belt


Quality improvement and LEAN training is now becoming a pre-requisite for many healthcare professionals. LEAN is a management model that was born in manufacturing and is now taking hold in a range of industries but particularly across healthcare. LEAN uses a bottom-up approach to identify and fix broken systems anywhere within healthcare organisations.

LEAN engages all staff, as well as leaders in redesigning processes for greater efficiency and quality. As part of the programme, participants learn excellent techniques for improving processes and implementing change, while also developing abilities that are highly portable across the organisation and internationally. These tools and techniques have been successfully used in many hospitals to improve the working experience of staff and the overall experience of the patient. 

Relevant case studies and scenarios are provided throughout to provide a context for the topics covered, while participants undertake a quality improvement roleplay game to gain a greater understanding of the principles that underpin the philosophy.

This course will be delivered virtually. Handouts and course material will provided and there will also be facilitated online group sessions examining practical improvement science methodologies while also drawing on participants own experiences.

This course is suitable for multi-disciplinary team members who support the NCHDs within hospitals, NCHDs, nurses, health and social care professionals, quality officers and senior and middle managers who are or would like to be involved in improving performance and patient outcomes.

This course will be delivered in full training days carrying 7 CPD credits commencing at 9.30am and finishing at 5pm. On completion, successful participants will be awarded an RCSI Accredited Certificate in Essentials of LEAN Healthcare Yellow Belt – Project Based. 

Learning objectives

  • LEAN training tailored to the Irish health service containing real healthcare examples based on our experience working side-by-side with hospitals on operational improvements.
  • A balanced focus on the ‘soft’ side of quality improvement, as well as the effective use of LEAN tools and concepts to enable lasting cultural change.
  • Instructors who have extensive hands-on experience working in the Irish health service on extensive LEAN transformations and patient care pathway improvements.
  • The use of best practice adult learning techniques – simulations, roleplay, and interactive exercises.

Design and delivery

This three-day Yellow Belt programme uses a targetted and supported team-based approach to project-based problem solving within the health service.

Please note: This certificate will be delivered online.

The programme structure is as follows:

Day 1: 23 April 2021
This will focus on an introduction to the concept of LEAN and LEAN Healthcare

Day 2: 7 May 2021
Day 2 focuses on quality improvement in your department and how LEAN healthcare methodology can help achieve this.

Day 3: 28 May 2021
Day 3 is used to identify potential projects within your hospitals and department and as a group identify the most appropriate approach to deploying these.