International Food Night

Please note

Many of the student events, including the one described below, are reflective of RCSI student life, pre-COVID-19.

For at least the next year, we will be living with a 'new normal' in terms of student life at RCSI. This means that many of our events will move to virtual platforms, will be replaced with other more socially distant-friendly alternatives or will not take place in an effort to keep all of our students, staff and patients safe and healthy.

March is a particularly fun month in RCSI, and it’s all thanks to Cultural Diversity Month. There are lots of events throughout the month, including the epic International Night, but nothing quite gets the tastebuds going like International Food Night.

Wander the corridors of RCSI in the afternoon of the gastronomic event and you’ll be greeted by wafts of spices and scents from all four corners of the world. Then once the doors open, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Hosted by the Gourmet Society, International Food Night transforms the Exam Hall into a sumptuous food market where everything is cooked by RCSI students.

International Food Night

See, smell and taste the food that best represents home to your classmates. The dishes are displayed on stalls decorated in a riot of colour, which sets the scene perfectly. Get chatting to the students manning the stalls to hear all about how the food is made and what makes it unique to their home country.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an RCSI event without an element of friendly competition. For International Food Night, all the countries represented compete to impress the judges across six categories:

  • Best appetiser
  • Best main dish
  • Best dessert
  • Best vegetarian dish
  • Best decorated stall
  • Overall best dish

With a student body representing over 60 countries and a high participation rate, this night of treats will likely be the most exciting epicurean adventure you’ll have all year.

And if you’re lucky, you just might be able to convince one of the evening’s chefs to teach you how to reproduce the gastronomic magic at home.

Italy at International Food Night