Student success

Developing a vision and understanding of what student success means has been identified as a fundamental priority for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ireland. This pursuit has been spearheaded by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

In 2022, RCSI committed to developing a deeper understanding of 'student success' in the context of RCSI. A collaborative student-staff partnership project was undertaken – facilitated through the RCSI Student Engagement and Partnership (StEP) programme – to develop a framework and strategy to further promote and foster a culture and vision of student success across our campus.

This project was informed by the guiding framework provided by the National Forum in addition to in-house university-wide student and staff feedback surveys.

A key output from this feedback was the establishment of the RCSI definition of ‘student success’.

Student Success logoWhat student success at RCSI means

At RCSI, student success is defined as empowering each student to fulfill their unique purpose personally, academically, and as future health science professionals.

In our diverse student community, student success is cultivated in an inclusive, collaborative and positive learning and social environment, driving a journey of self-discovery, reflection, as well as personal and professional growth.

Student success is further enhanced through meaningful partnerships and shared responsibilities, ultimately enabling each individual to prosper and achieve their full potential at RCSI and beyond.

Encouraging environment

The surveys aimed to gain a deeper insight into the meaning of student success in our diverse student and staff communities, while identifying key supports, as well as any barriers to facilitating student success at RCSI. The surveys also served to explore and outline core priorities and actions to further enhance student success from both a student and staff perspective. 

Some key enablers were identified in terms of exploring and outlining core priorities and actions to further enhance student success from both a student and staff perspective, including motivation, enthusiasm, work ethic, self-discipline, a supportive environment and good physical and mental health.

Significant partnership

Guided by our definition of what student success represents, we have since developed a mechanism to identify gaps and to prioritise areas in which to further promote student success on an annual basis. This is facilitated through the RCSI Student Engagement and Partnership programme.

More specifically, a new section promoting student success has now been incorporated into annual formal agreements between RCSI and the Students’ Union and Postgraduate Students’ Union.

Included in these agreements are open calls for funded project applications covering different priority areas identified following student and staff feedback. A number of key priority areas identified are included in the RCSI StEP Agreement 2022-23.

Students and staff will be afforded the opportunity to work in partnership on these projects during the 2022-23 academic year.