Aim High Medicine Scholarship

The Aim High Medicine Scholarship was established in 2012 by RCSI Alumni to provide scholarships for Irish Leaving Certificate students who excel academically and are passionate about developing a lifelong career in medicine.

The scholarship is offered to students who are Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) eligible. In addition to the normal supports provided through the Government Free Fees Initiative and SUSI Grant, this scholarship offers an additional financial support of €3,500 per annum (for students who continue to live at home during their studies) and a possible €7,000 per annum accommodation allowance (for students who require accommodation to undertake their studies at RCSI).

The objective of the scholarship is to lessen the financial burden of attending College and therefore allow the student to fully focus on their academic coursework.

How to apply

Aim High applicants must:

  • Be eligible for admission to RCSI’s Medicine programme through the CAO (course code: RC001).
  • Be eligible and apply for HEAR, and indicate in their CAO application that they wish to apply via the HEAR scheme.
  • Submit a CAO application listing Medicine (RC001) as a course choice by 1 February 2019.
  • Present HPAT in the same year as applying to the CAO.
  • Have resided in Ireland for at least three of the last five years preceding admission.
  • Present a minimum of six recognised Irish Leaving Certificate subjects to include Irish, English, Mathematics, another language and one laboratory science (minimum subject grades must include 2 x H5 and 4 x O6/H7).
  • Achieve a minimum of 480 points and meet the minimum subject grade requirements for five- or six-year entry to the Medicine programme in the same sitting of the Irish Leaving Certificate.
  • Complete and return the Aim High Medicine Scholarship Application Form to the RCSI Admissions Office by the closing date, 1 July 2019.
  • Arrange for a confidential academic referee to complete and submit the Aim High Medicine Scholarship Confidential Academic Reference Form to the RCSI Admissions Office by the closing date, 1 July 2019.

Aim High Medicine Scholarship Reference Form PDF | 700.2 KB Aim High Medicine Scholarship Application Form PDF | 672.8 KB