Pan-African Paediatric Surgery E-learning Programme (PAPSEP)

Scottish global health charity Kids OR is investing in the first Pan-African Paediatric Surgery E-Learning Programme (PAPSEP) to help train surgeons across Africa, with content provided by two of the continent's surgical colleges, hosted on an online platform created by the Institute of Global Surgery.

In PAPSEP, the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and the College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) work together to provide a new and bespoke teaching resource mapped to the curricula of both training programmes. It is one of the first online teaching programmes for children's surgery that focuses on low-resource settings.

Between them, the two colleges cover 32 African countries with a combined population of around 800 million. In funding this project, Kids OR has facilitated a new link between the two colleges who work together to provide this new resource.

PAPSEP provides paediatric surgical trainees throughout Africa with a range of learning possibilities to complement the clinical training they receive on the wards and in the operating theatres of their own hospitals. The course content is delivered via a Moodle-based platform of interactive learning, with one module a week requiring around 2–3 hours of study.

The platform also supports existing surgical and anaesthetic teams who care for children; providing them with a resource to refresh knowledge and revise detailed procedures ahead of operations.

The project launched in May 2021 at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. and is available on the COSECSA and KidsOR e-learning platforms.

Elearning screenshot