International medical graduate scholarships

In 2011, the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) entered into an agreement with the HSE and the Forum of Postgraduate Training Bodies in Ireland to offer a postgraduate scholarship programme, allowing Pakistani graduates to complete part of their training in Ireland. In 2019, the Sudan Medical Specialization Board joined in to the agreement allowing Sudanese graduates to partake in the scholarship scheme.

Currently RCSI supports training/scholarships in general surgery and trauma and orthopaedic surgery. The College will accommodate all subspecialty requests where possible but this is not guaranteed.

Under the terms of the scholarship, successful candidates are awarded a bursary which covers the costs of return travel to Ireland, registration with the Medical Council in Ireland, accommodation and induction on arrival in the country. During their training, candidates are remunerated and employed under national terms and conditions as applicable to doctors employed in Irish hospital services.

During training, CPSP & SMSB trainees will be required to rotate across different locations (clinical placements in one of our recognised training hospitals) to meet their training requirements. For each rotation, they will receive a contract of employment from the relevant employer setting out the terms and conditions of employment for that period. Employment in a training site is subject to the local recruitment and other employment policies.

Following the two-year scholarship, candidates must return to complete their exams and training in Pakistan and Sudan.