Fellowship Ad Eundem is offered to surgeons who, in the opinion of the College, have reached a standard in surgery commensurate with that of a practising consultant surgeon, of Good Standing, in Ireland at a similar stage of career.

Details of the criteria for admission, together with application details, can be found below. Applications can be submitted directly to Samantha Henson (Committee for Surgical Affairs, Fellowship Ad Eundem) by email or post to RCSI Department of Surgical Affairs, 121 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2.

For applications to be reviewed at the bi-annual May review meeting, all application documents must be submitted by the last day of March.

For applications to be reviewed at the bi-annual November review meeting, all application documents must be submitted by the last day of September.

Please note: Applications which are incomplete by the submission deadline are automatically pushed forward for review at the next review meeting, pending submission of outstanding documents.

Application and supporting documentation deadline Review committee meeting date Outcome communicated to applicant
Last day of March May July
Last day of September November January
Fellowship Ad Eundem - Form A PDF | 253.3 KB Fellowship Ad Eundem - Form B PDF | 224.4 KB Fellowship Ad Eundem criteria PDF | 251.6 KB

To find out if you are eligible for MRCSI through the transfer pathway, please request information on eligibility and the application process directly from the Fellows and Members team at fellows@rcsi.com.

To find out if you are eligible for Affiliate Membership of RCSI, please request information on eligibility and the application process directly from the Fellows and Members team at fellows@rcsi.com.

  1. Once you have received confirmation of your successful examination results, your details will be sent to the Fellows and Members Office for processing.
  2. You should receive communication from the Fellows and Members Office within a week of receiving your results. If you do not hear from us within five working days, please email fellows@rcsi.com.
  3. You will be required to pay the fee for the current subscription year and submit two signed forms. Each subscription begins on 1 May – your first subscription payment may be pro-rated or brought forward, depending on the time of year of your admission.
  4. Once you have completed steps 1-3, your application will be presented to the College Council at their next scheduled meeting for final ratification.
  5. Upon successful ratification, you will receive confirmation from the Fellows and Members Office that you are now a Fellow/Member of the College, with the right to use the appropriate post-nominals.
  6. Should you need a scanned copy of your certificate at this point, you may request one by emailing fellows@rcsi.com.
  7. Your certificate will be presented to you at the Fellows, Members and Diplomates Conferring you choose to attend, or couriered to you with your RCSI welcome pack, should you choose to be conferred in absentia.

If you are not receiving one, or more, of the benefits listed above, you may need to update your contact details and/or pay your subscription. Please email the team directly with your details.

All requests for award verification are managed by Registry Services at RCSI. Please send your request directly to registry@rcsi.ie and the team will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Please note

  • Certain times of the year can be very busy, and you may experience a short delay in response.
  • Your Good Standing status will be checked, and if you are not currently in Good Standing this will also cause delays in the verification process.

If you wish to enquire as to the status of an RCSI-affiliated surgeon, please email us with your request (with as much context as you feel appropriate).

If you have recently changed your 'country of practice' but this change has not been reflected on the FAMP portal, please contact the Fellows and Member team directly and we will rectify this for you.

We highly recommend that you wait until your 'country of practice' is correct before you pay your subscription, as 'country of practice' determines the amount you will pay.

Our Fellows and Members who are retired from clinical practice are no longer required to pay a subscription, but are considered in Good Standing. Please contact us directly and we will update your status accordingly.

If you are based within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), direct debit allows subscription payments to be debited from your account automatically on an annual basis, removing the need to arrange payment each year.

To pay via direct debit, please download and complete the direct debit form below and return a scanned copy via email or post a physical copy to: c/o Paul O’Reilly, Development Office - Fellows and Members, RCSI, 123 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Direct debit form PDF | 180.6 KB

Please ensure your 'country of practice' is correct in your FAMP profile.

Please also note that this discount is only available before 12am (GMT) on 1 July each year.

If both of the above are correct, but you are still experiencing issues, please contact us directly.

While we endeavour to keep all data up-to-date in the FAMP portal, it may be that your Membership/Fellowship year was not added when your account was created.

If you would like us to add this to your profile, please contact us directly.

Please note
The FAMP portal and any screenshots/printouts thereof are not considered to be valid methods of verification. All verification requests must be sent directly to registry@rcsi.ie for appropriate processing.