Trainer resources

The role of trainer in an RCSI surgical training programme is diverse and often complex. Our trainers are tasked with balancing the objectives of the delivery of patient care and the provision of high-quality training, while guiding trainees along the path to becoming a specialist in their chosen area.

Our trainers are:

  • Registered on the relevant specialist division of the Medical Council Register
  • Registered on a professional competence scheme
  • Practice at consultant level in Ireland

Our trainers are focused on overseeing our trainees’ development and education at all training levels, through their involvement in teaching, training, evaluation and supervision.

RCSI is committed to ensuring that the supports in place for both our trainees and trainers keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare environment. We engage regularly with our trainer body through our Annual Trainer Engagement Survey and provide a number of resources and supports. These include: 

As an RCSI surgical trainer, you will have the opportunity to join the recently established Faculty of Surgical Trainers.

The Faculty has a number of objectives:

  • Recognise the role trainers play in the delivery of surgical training
  • Advocate on behalf of trainers
  • Develop programmes that support and develop consultant surgeons in their roles as trainers
  • Reward excellence in training
  • Improve the standard of teaching at postgraduate level, within RCSI and our clinical training sites
  • Support specialities in the delivery of the core and specialty curricula
  • Explore the development and recognition of professional pathways for surgical trainers
  • Champion the continuing excellence in postgraduate surgical training as a whole
  • Develop training initiatives that focus on equipping trainees to work in a multi-disciplinary working environment

Membership benefits

As a member of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers, you will receive:

  • An RCSI Honorary Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor title
  • Access to the Trainers Support Portal
  • Access to RCSI Library and e-Journal Portal
  • Access to research support software – SPSS, EndNote, LinkedIn Learning, Nature Masterclasses Online
  • Welcome/onboarding pack
  • Access to trainers ezine
  • Access to the annual training stream at RCSI conferences
  • Access to development funding and research grant
  • Access to the Surgical Affairs Professional Education and Learning Programme
  • Access to committees and short-lived working groups linked to enhancing the development of training

To apply for membership, contact

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP) website houses the curriculum for the surgical specialities and, in a secure area, trainees’ electronic portfolios and trainer portal.

As a trainer you will have access to a number of tools that promote trainer recognition:

  • A trainer profile section which will allow you to showcase your knowledge and skills
  • The assessment summary function which automatically collates your workplace assessment activity
  • The multisource feedback element which will enable you to gather feedback from trainees and peers
  • A reflective notes section which provides an easy format to record different types of experience
  • The document library which provides a repository for importing documents as further evidence of training activity
  • The trainer dashboard which displays an up-to-date summary of evidence uploaded against each standard

An additional range of multimedia help guides are also available, including the JCST YouTube channel.

RCSI leads the development and delivery of surgical training programmes in Ireland, and central to this is the training of the trainers. 'Train the Trainer' education is available to all consultant trainers – both newly appointed and experienced. The courses are delivered through a blend of lectures, interactive discussions and concentrate on key skills such as debriefing, assessment and identifying the training requirements.

You will also have access to a number of online resources and guides, including: