Our Fellows are at the global forefront of surgical advancement in both research and practice, and we are deeply committed to supporting them professionally at every stage of their career.

There are currently three pathways to Fellowship of RCSI (FRCSI):

Fellowship by Examination Fellowship Ad Eundem Honorary Fellowship

This is the most-common route to FRCSI and is a demonstration of commitment on the surgeons’ part to their career and to the College.

It is also an acknowledgement of their contribution to the surgical profession, its standards and practice.

Fellowship Ad Eundem is offered to surgeons who, in the opinion of the College, have reached a standard in surgery commensurate with that of a practising consultant surgeon, of Good Standing, in Ireland at a similar stage of career.

It is a privilege earned through hard work and commitment to excellence. Details on eligibility and how to apply are available in the FAQ section.

Honorary Fellowship of RCSI is the highest distinction the College bestows, recognising outstanding achievement in surgery as well as outstanding achievements in other areas.

Notable non-surgical fellows of RCSI include Bob Geldof, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Padraig Harrington. A complete list of RCSI’s Honorary Fellows can be viewed here.

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Aisling Nic An Riogh and Naisrin Elsafty, Fellows of RCSI

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This information refers only to RCSI Surgical Fellowships. For information on other RCSI Fellowships, please refer to the following: