Radiology is an important component of clinical medicine and will become essential in the future as technology improves and new imaging techniques are developed. The increasing use of radiology is of benefit to patients and clinicians, not only through enhanced diagnostic capability but also through the ability to treat patients with minimally invasive interventional procedures.

However, there are significant cost implications with these improvements – while the tests themselves tend to be expensive, using them in an efficient, targeted manner will reduce overall costs for the health service. The effective use of radiology is strongly associated with improved outcomes and faster patient journey times through the system.

In keeping with the quality, access and cost principles established by the programme in 2011, the National Clinical Programme for Radiology is currently working on data and performance measurement; clinical protocols; and 'money follows the patient'.

  • National Clinical Lead: Peter Kavanagh
  • National Radiographer Lead: Ann Dolan
  • Programme Manager (Clinical Programme): Arleen Folan
  • Radiographic Services Manager Representative: Liz Masterson
  • Clinical Director – Level 4 Hospital Representative: Niall Sheehy
  • National Clinical Advisor & Group Lead Primary Care: David Hanlon
  • NIMIS Representative (Project Manager): Keith Morrissey
  • Clinical Director for Radiology (Hospital Group): Clare Roche
  • Radiologist – Level 2-3 Hospital Representative: Val Gough
  • Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy representative: Catherine McKenna
  • Academic Representative (UCD): Leo Lawler
  • Radiologist: Paul Hession
  • Radiology Nurse Representative: Sharon O’Connor
  • Radiography Services Manager Representative: Suzanne Dennan
  • Paediatric Radiologist Representative: David Rea
  • Hospital Group Business Manager Representative: Mary Donnellan-O’Brien
  • Interventional Radiologist Representative: Anthony Ryan
  • Radiologist - Level 2-3 Hospital Representative: Norman Maxwell
  • Physicist Representative: Geraldine O’Reilly
  • Associate Dean, Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging, UCD: Louise Rainford
  • Faculty of Radiology, RCSI: Max F. Ryan

The team can be contacted through the Programme Manager, Arleen Folan.

  • Model of care: The Model of Care for Radiology will be a clinician-driven blueprint of how radiology services will be planned, managed and delivered nationally. 
  • Workforce plan for radiographers: The team will undertake a workforce planning exercise for radiographers, examining areas of work, career structure, training and examining initiatives to improve retention.
  • Increasing radiology access for primary care (in line with Sláintecare): Progress an integrated plan to improve direct access to radiology services for GPs in conjunction with community strategy and planning.
  • Waiting list measurement: The measurement of patients on radiology waiting lists is now feasible through a mechanism designed in conjunction with the NTPF.