Career guidance

The Careers Office at RCSI Bahrain is committed to nurturing outstanding healthcare professionals who will differentiate themselves as future healthcare leaders.

The emergence of new industries, new occupations, new education and new skills require a flexible and strategic approach to career planning. The Careers Office operates with the aim of helping our medicine and nursing students to identify their personal and professional goals and to support them, in conjunction with a strong academic foundation, in mapping and planning their future healthcare careers.

Our experienced team can advise students on licensing examination preparation, counsel them in specialty and residency selection, support them in interview skills and CV preparation, and guide them through the internship and residency application processes for Middle East countries, Europe, the US, the UK and Canada.

The team provides an individualised and student-centric service, and we strongly encourage all students to utilise the available expertise as much as possible.

The Careers Office also acts as a liaison with local, regional and international regulatory bodies and medical boards.

Current students and recent graduates can book one-to-one appointments with the Careers and Alumni Office staff to discuss, among other things, their own career strategy and timelines, review their CV/applications, discuss or receive assistance with interview preparation. All conversations and communications are considered personal and confidential.

We offer different appointment types:

  • Careers Guidance discussions - may be used as a starting point to career search or to discuss a range of issues further into the employment search.
  • Examination and Application Advice discussions – provide information on support and tools available for international licencing exams, feedback on CVs, personal statement or job applications which students or graduate have already prepared and how to ensure these are targeted to employer of choice.
  • Practice interviews – allow students and graduates to prepare for upcoming interviews, receive feedback on their interview style and performance. Students and graduates must have an actual interview scheduled before they can book a practice interview and they need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

RCSI Bahrain’s Careers and Alumni Office offers a wide range of programs and resources supporting students’ professional development throughout the academic year. Career development programming that is available to all students includes information on clinical and research elective opportunities both locally and globally, workshops on topics such as CV and Personal Statement writing and interview preparation.

The Careers and Alumni Office runs a series of events throughout the year, including Alumni Talks given by RCSI Bahrain Alumni. These talks are always popular with students – alumni discuss their experiences, work and achievements since leaving the university, and answer any questions students may have. It’s a great way for current students to gain a better understanding of what to expect after they conclude their studies and to receive advice from people who have been in their shoes.

  • Electives Night
  • Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine
  • CaRMS Application
  • US Residency Training
  • NAC OSCE Training Course
  • UK Training – UK Foundation Programme
  • UK Training – Beyond the Foundation Years
  • Nursing Careers Day
  • Middle East and GCC Opportunities


Internships are one year programmes that provide training for practice, clinical teaching, and specialty-board eligibility. Generally, a one-year rotating internship in medicine and surgery is a prerequisite for our residency programs and for board certification. RCSI Bahrain offers its graduates the opportunity to apply for internship programmes offered at the following affiliated hospitals:

  • King Hamad University Hospital
  • Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
  • Salmaniya Medical Complex


Residency programmes provide the resident with a high level of clinical proficiency in a specific clinical discipline. Each programme allows the resident to meet the postgraduate education requirements of the specialty board related to that discipline as well as to gain experience in professional medical and surgical education and in teaching. Please see guidelines below for further information on some our more popular postgraduate training destinations.