International Citizenship Award

The RCSI Bahrain International Citizenship Award programme aims to encourage students to develop the skills, values and attitudes needed to effectively work in a culturally diverse healthcare environment. As part of the programme, participants will be tasked with building a portfolio to document and demonstrate their personal development and learnings stemming from interactions with people from diverse backgrounds during extracurricular activities.

For the first time since the launch of the programme at RCSI Bahrain, 29 IC3 students have received the International Citizenship Award for the Academic Year 2019/2020.

  • Education - Leadership and peer engagement
  • RCSI life - Social engagement and leadership
  • Local community - Social engagement and leadership
  • Overseas challenge
  • Research

Run by the Department of Student Development and Well-being, in conjunction with the Careers Office, The ICA is a two-year, longitudinal, mentored pathway programme open to JC3 and N3 students. To be eligible to take part, students must be in good standing and must then attend compulsory workshops on i) Cultural Competency and ii) Reflective Writing. Students will record continuous reflective practice in an online diary and will be required to complete and submit a final reflective essay on what makes them an RCSI International Citizen. Students who successfully complete the programme will be assessed by the appointed ICA Board and will receive an award, which is also noted on their graduation transcripts.

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To get a taste of what the programme entails, check out the video below: