President's Honours List

RCSI Bahrain, through the President’s Office, recognises on an annual basis the academic achievements of students in selected undergraduate degree programmes by publication of the President’s Honours List. It will comprise the top 6 academically ranked students from each year in each undergraduate degree programme.

Eligibility and Determination of Honours List

An honours list is published yearly for the following undergraduate degree programmes:

  • BSc in Nursing

Following completion of the supplemental exam board meeting for each year/cycle of the above programmes, the SARA Office shares the list of students in each programme year who are the top six academically ranked students according to overall score for that academic year. No more than six students can be listed on the Honours List for any given year/cycle. If there are two candidates on the same overall score, their scores should be examined to the last available decimal place to determine the final ranking of the students.


Students who make the President’s Honours list, with the exception of the students who make the honours list during their final year, will receive bursary from the university, which will be presented at the Honours list event at the start of the new academic year.

President's Honours List and the National University of Ireland Awards for academic year 2022-2023

The President's Honours List and the National University of Ireland Awards is to go live on Wednesday 08 November at 4pm (Bahrain time) here:

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