Student Selected Component

The Student Selected Component (SSC) module is a six-week block in year 3 (of the 5 year programme), during which students may carry out a project in Bahrain or abroad. The focus of the SSC project can be a Case Study, Research Project or Clinical Audit. With assistance from the University, students identify the location for their own SSC as well as an appropriate supervisor, who will provide feedback on their project. Students produce a report and give an oral presentation to faculty members upon completion of the SSC.

Student Selected Clinical Attachment

The Student Selected Clinical Attachment (SSCA) is a four-week block of time incorporated into the final year of the curriculum, during which students undertake a clinical attachment, in Bahrain or abroad. While not credit-bearing, the SSCA is mandatory and students usually try to obtain attachments in areas in which they have a future interest with regard to specialisation.


The Sub-Internship is a four-week component of the final year curriculum, whereby a student carries out many of the procedures they will be doing as interns. Students have the opportunity to apply for approval to do the Sub-Internship either in Bahrain or abroad.



Students in the clinical years are encouraged to apply for placements (electives) as visiting students in locations locally or abroad, during the summer period. Given the importance of electives to the career development of students, RCSI Bahrain has established formal and informal agreements with highly-regarded institutions around the world and continues to seek further opportunities. Partners include the American University of Beirut; Duke University, USA; Florida International University, College of Medicine, USA; Kochi University Japan; Johns Hopkins Singapore and many others.

The University is also a member of the Global Education in Medicine Exchange (GEMx) and the Global Health Learning Opportunities Collaborative (GHLO), facilitating global mobility for our student electives.