Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme

The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme is a student-to-student support scheme that underpins academic, personal and professional development.

Through the programme, high-performing students are invited to volunteer to be trained as PAL tutors to facilitate the learning of fellow peers. These tutors are officially recognised by the University and receive a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.

PAL sessions for Foundation Year, Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle students are timetabled and communicated to all students concerned and focus around an hour of discussion, demonstration and interaction.

The tutors aim to encourage discussion, enhance knowledge and reinforce practice and techniques of clinical skills but it is not their role to formally teach new subject matter and attendance is voluntary.

Aside from the enhancement of their knowledge and skills, the programme also offers students the opportunity to build confidence and master course concepts, study and cognitive skills in an environment different from the formal lecture hall.

The tutors meanwhile can benefit by reinforcing their own prior learning as well as developing personal and professional skills such as leadership, planning, organisation and communication skills.