Licensing examination support

Under the remit of the Careers Office, RCSI Bahrain helps prepare our students for residency licensing exams and postgraduate training in places such as the US, the UK and Canada.

United States

For students taking the USMLE Step 1, access to the National Board of Medical Examiners' Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment Examination – a multiple-choice test similar to the Step 1 examination – is now available free-of-charge.

RCSI Bahrain students additionally have access to the UWORLD Question Bank, which includes 2,400 multiple-choice practice questions for Step 1, as well as the PATHOMA book and online pathology video series.

United Kingdom

Students wishing to apply for residency in the UK can make use of the PassMedicine QBank, which grants access to over 3,000 single best answer questions for the PLAB Part 1 exam, including professional value questions. Many of the questions include images, ECGs and x-rays.


For students sitting Canadian licensing exams, RCSI Bahrain offers a live NAC OSCE preparation course. The week-long course is held annually and taught by RCSI Bahrain alumni who have successfully passed the exams, to help prepare current students for both the NAC OSCE as well as the USMLE Step 2 CS.

In addition, students can avail of a CanadaQBank account, giving them access to over 5,000 sample questions and cases for the MCC EE and the MCC QE Parts 1 and 2.

Additional resources are provided for the AMC MCQ (Australia) and the SMLE (Saudi Arabia).