International Citizenship Programme

RCSI is a uniquely international education setting with an implicitly multicultural atmosphere.

There are currently a number of activities where students work together on volunteering and citizenship activities, and on celebrating their multicultural composition, one of which is the International Citizenship Programme.

International Citizenship Awardees 2018 

The International Citizenship Programme encourages you to reflect on and develop the skills, values and attitudes you will need to work effectively in a culturally diverse healthcare environment.

Group of girls at the International Citizenship Awards 2018

As part of the programme you will be tasked with building a portfolio to document your extracurricular journey at RCSI and demonstrate personal development and learning from your interactions with others from diverse backgrounds during extracurricular activities under the following headings:

  • Education: Leadership and peer engagement
  • RCSI life: Social engagement and leadership
  • Local community: Social engagement and leadership
  • Overseas challenge
  • Research

The programme will lead to an International Citizenship Award if you can successfully demonstrate an ‘International outlook’ in these areas.

International Citizenship Award video 2016