Awatef Ali - Nursing bridging graduate, class of 2018

I like nursing because it is a profession that never stops giving. You learn new things every day, and the opportunity for growth is almost unlimited. I feel so good inside when I see improvement in my patients and when giving emotional support by holding hands of family members who have just experienced tragedy. Actually, it gives me an inner peace that I was able to help somebody.

During my typical workday, I keep in touch with clients, update them on our progress and make sure they are satisfied with their treatment. In addition, I arrange and follow up the health preventive programs, coordinate with the donators for those health programmes and the media section for publishing that health preventive and events. Finally, I evaluate the work.

What attracted me to RCSI Bahrain was the reputation and accreditation of the university. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has existed for over 220 years and it known all over the world. Also, the programs offered at RCSI Bahrain meet the highest international quality standards.

Completing the Nursing Bridging programmes improved my skills and knowledge and increased the self- efficiency. It provided me with opportunities to try out new ideas and tools in my work place. In addition, I've gained skills in writing reports, making presentations, doing projects as part of a team and working on individual assignments, all of which require you to manage your time efficiently.