Fadheela Mahfoodh - Nursing bridging graduate, class of 2016

Nursing is a profession that never stops giving. Being a nurse allows me to learn new things every day and to provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive nursing care by integrating knowledge, skills and attitudes, applying evidence-based practice and utilizing critical thinking.

On the academic level, I lacked experience in presenting academic writing and proposals. However, all of my concerns were vanished due to efficient guidance of faculty. Career wise, I was unable to get promoted without those qualification.

RCSI Bahrain is a modern, up to date institute that provides a multicultural environment. It also offers advance technological teaching methods to ensure that the students are well prepared to persuade higher study. In addition to that, RCSI Bahrain faculty members are knowledgeable, experienced and meet high academic and professional standards.

Upon completion of the Nursing Bridging program, I was able to integrate knowledge, skills and interpersonal skills. Moreover, I was able to develop health education packages, interact effectively with health care teams and participate in research and professional development.

The environment at RCSI Bahrain provides a wider learning opportunity by providing different point of view and aspects. Being in this environment has taught me that, no matter where you are in the world, nursing is always about helping others.