Mohammad Yasir - Medical commencement programme graduate

I have always wanted to become a doctor and have been greatly motivated by my parents and family. It was my dream to wear a stethoscope and scrubs and I am particularly interested in the human anatomy and patho-physiology sides.

I chose RCSI Bahrain because it is known around the Gulf for its unique way of teaching students, as well as the international faculty and the fact that RCSI degree is recognised around the world.

The MCP really was a turning point in my whole medical career. I came from a well-known school but due to my IELTS grade, I didn't match the requirements for the undergraduate programme and so I entered the MCP instead.

Although I first thought that I wouldn't need it, I soon realised that MCP is a great bridge between High School and the medical programme.

The MCP provides the basics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as English and specific medical terminology that are needed for the degree programme.

The teachers and doctors on the MCP course are all very friendly and their doors are always open for us to talk. They really helped me to understand the core content and when I progressed to Foundation Year, I was in a great position and because I studied hard in MCP, I have been able to succeed in the full medical programme.

Overall, it has also been great to be involved in a multicultural environment and I have made many friends from different backgrounds.

RCSI is recognised as a famous university in the Gulf because it has a unique way of teaching students.