We believe everyone should have the chance to engage in transformative learning experiences. This is why we partner with RCSI Engage, along with other internal and external stakeholders, to bring simulation to a wider audience through outreach and open events.

RCSI SIM has been involved in numerous outreach events over the years. From SimWars to trauma days and TY student tours; we also help with various RCSI student society days and events related to simulation. There have been multiple public tours of our facilities and open days as part of the wider RCSI outreach programmes.

Every year, we welcome hundreds of secondary school students as part of the TY MiniMed programme, open day and other events. ACCESS learners join us in 26 York Street each summer for the Creative Arts Summer School with NCAD, and members of the public are welcomed on European Researchers Night, Culture Night and various open events throughout the year.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram accounts for details of upcoming events.

SIM outreach project