Simulated patients

Many aspects of the real clinical world can be evoked using simulated patients. Simulated patients are both professional actors and members of the public who have undertaken specific in-house training. Simulated patients fill the patient role during communication and consultation skills training and exams across both undergraduate and postgraduate medical and healthcare education.

The use of simulated patients is a proven method for helping learners gain skills in communication, interviewing, physical exam, counselling, and patient management. Following their training, simulated patients are able to give a predefined account of their condition and answer the full spectrum of questions about themselves from a written patient case. This realistic portrayal of patient history, personality, physical findings and emotions of a ‘real’ patient gives students the valuable opportunity to practice interacting with patients in a safe environment.

The RCSI simulated patient programme supports our commitment to be an international leader in supporting healthcare professionals through high-quality education, research and service to enable people to live long and healthy lives.

We are always interested to hear from people who wish to join our simulated patient programme. Please review the programme’s policies and procedures below and if you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

RCSI Simulated Patient Policies and Procedures PDF | 294.1 KB