Resources and advocacy

We believe a comprehensive and coordinated global response to the surgical care crisis in low- and middle-income countries is required, and we wish to see increased political priority for surgical care.

Universal healthcare cannot be achieved without substantial investment in surgical care and we believe investment should be based on evidence of what works.

The following messages are drawn from our own research and experience, that of our partners, and evidence generated by the global surgery community:

  • Surgery is a team sport ­and investment is required across the entire surgical care workforce, including anaesthetists, technicians, nurses, obstetrician/gynaecologists and surgeons.
  • Training locally is vitally important to achieve high rates of surgical provider retention.
  • Where specialist surgeons are scarce, the role of the surgeon should include mentorship and supervision of other cadres of surgical provider.
  • Developing the surgical care workforce cannot be achieved without better engagement of women, encouraging more women to join the surgical care workforce, and attain leadership positions therein.

We are working to realise this future by:

  • Leveraging the respected voice of RCSI to highlight the surgical care crisis in Ireland; East, Central and Southern Africa; and worldwide.
  • Helping the voice of our partner organisations be heard on a global scale.
  • Engaging with national policymakers to ensure that our research answers questions relevant to national planning and policy and that this information is made available to policymakers.
  • Supporting efforts to bring the global surgery community together through active membership of the Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, and Anaesthesia Care (the G4 Alliance) and other initiatives.
  • Supporting Women in Surgery Africa, through the RCSI/COSECSA Collaboration Programme.

The world needs your support to advocate for global surgery. The G4 Alliance advocacy toolkit contains tools that everyone can use to get involved.

Find out more about international agreements and programmes relevant to global surgery: