Interventional Radiology

The National Clinical Programme for Interventional Radiology (NCPIR) commenced in October 2023. The clinical lead is Professor Michael Lee and the programme manager is Sara Kavanagh.

The aim of the NCPIR is to provide a framework for the delivery of high-quality, timely, accessible and equitable interventional radiology (IR) care for all patients and support improvements in the organisation of IR services nationally.

The priorities of the NCPIR for 2024 centre on the following areas:

  • Identifying and addressing deficits and variation in the delivery of scheduled and 24/7 unscheduled interventional radiology in each health region in Ireland; and
  • Developing a clinically driven model of care for interventional radiology.

A multidisciplinary working group has been established to help the programme achieve its objectives. This group includes consultant interventional radiologists, radiographers and IR nurses in addition to representatives from related clinical disciplines including surgery, trauma, anaesthesia and obstetrics.  

An overarching Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) provides clinical oversight, assurance and strategic guidance to the programme. 

The programme represents a strategic initiative between the RCSI, the HSE’s Clinical Design and Innovation Division and the Acute Hospitals Division.

  • Clinical Lead: Professor Michael Lee
  • Programme Manager: Sara Kavanagh 

The programme can be contacted by emailing

  • Scheduled and 24/7 unscheduled IR care 
    This workstream focuses on enhancing the organisation of scheduled and unscheduled IR care in Ireland with particular emphasis on addressing variation in the availability of 24/7 emergency IR care. Key areas of work include assessment of current services (in hours and out of hours); identification of deficits in current services; and detailed planning to address deficits and enable scheduled and 24/7 unscheduled IR care in all regional health authorities. 
  • Interventional radiology model of care 
    This workstream will develop and publish an approved model of care for adult IR, paediatric IR and interventional neuroradiology. This will be a clinically-driven blueprint defining how IR services should be optimally organised and delivered for the benefit of the patient.