Advanced Specialist Training (ASTEM)


Advanced Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine (ASTEM) is a four-year programme for trainees wishing to advance their careers in the field of emergency medicine.

You must have three years of post-internship clinical experience, with the following to be eligible for the programme:

  • A minimum of 18 months in emergency medicine in Ireland, the UK, South Africa or Australasia
  • A minimum of six months in anaesthesia/intensive care medicine or evidence that you have achieved the CSTEM competencies in this area by submission of the relevant workplace assessments (airway management, rapid sequence intubation, organ support, central venous cannulation, arterial cannulation).
  • A minimum of six months in paediatric emergency medicine or acute paediatrics
  • 12 to 18 months in emergency medicine or specialities relevant to emergency medicine (e.g. medicine, surgery, orthopaedics).

All experience must be within five years of your application for ASTEM.